CSAW Summer Program for High School Women

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We're glad to work with the following people to make this summer program great!

Marc Budofsky

Marc Budofsky is a graduate from the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, earning his Master's in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Security in May 2014. During his time at NYU Engineering, Marc helped run the ISIS Lab, teaching Hack Night, co-captaining the CTF Team and running CyFor, and was in charge of the CSAW High School Forensics (HSF) Competition. Marc now works for a bank as an Information Security Analyst and acts as an advisor for CSAW and HSF.

Email: marcbudofsky[at]isis[dot]poly[dot]edu

Meghan Clark

Meghan Clark is a Computer Science major at Polytechnic School of Engineering. She is focused on Web Development and Applications as well as being VP of Academic Success and an ambassador for The Poly Project on campus.Meghan also explores the city, reads, and binge watches Netflix on her days off.

Email: mc4677[at]nyu[dot]edu

Phyllis Frankl

Phyllis Frankl is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. She teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses involving a mix of practical and theoretical topics. Her research focuses on testing and analyzing software, including checking software for security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Email: pfrankl[at]nyu[dot]edu

Mandy Galante

Mandy Galante is a high school teacher who is lucky to teach subjects that students actually love to learn. She has created a course series on computers that goes from Intro to Systems (how to build and fix) then to Networking (how to connect) then to Cybersecurity (how to protect) and finally to Digital Forensics (how to find the evidence). After school Mandy can be found coaching the school Cyber Teams through many competitions including the NYU-Poly CSAW HSF. In her spare time, Mandy is finishing her Masters degree in Cybersecurity at UMUC and completing the SANS Digital Forensics track certifications.

Email: mrsg.cyber[at]gmail[dot]com

Eleni Gessiou

Eleni is a Security Engineer at Facebook. She’s trying to keep Facebook’s graph safe and likes traveling in her spare time.

Email: gessiou[at]fb[dot]com

Barbara Gingrande

Barbara is a Database Security Sales Consultant at Oracle. She works with Database Security tools such as Encryption, Auditing, Privileged User Controls and Data Masking and is interested in travel and books. She wishes she had a dog, but she travels too much - she has cats, but they are not the same.

Email: barbara[dot]gingrande[at]oracle[dot]com

Swaad Golam

Raised in Brooklyn, Swaad is a two time CSAW HSF finalist who loves solving forensics challenges. Currently pursuing a Computer Science undergraduate degree at the NYU School of Engineering, he is also an active contributor and member of the CyFor Digital Forensics community and the security lab. His interests include web and network security. During his free time, he enjoys photography and teaching computer science.

Email: sgolam[at]nyu[dot]edu

Catherine Gomez

I am a graduate student at the NYU-Polytechnic School of Engineering. Currently I'm strengthening my skills within the cybersecurity field and working on CSAW'14 social media. I spend my spare time being an assistant coach on a women's swim team.

Email: cgomez[at]isis[dot]poly[dot]edu

Dan Guido

Dan Guido is the CEO of Trail of Bits where he leads the strategic vision for their products and services and manages their day-to-day operations. His recent work applied intelligence-driven defense to mobile operating systems and demonstrated that, contrary to popular belief, accountability and agility are far better defenses than specific security features on mobile phones. Prior to Trail of Bits, Dan was a Senior Security Consultant at iSEC Partners and led the Threat Intelligence team at the Federal Reserve System. In addition to his professional work, Dan is a Hacker in Residence at NYU-Poly, co-founder of the CSAW THREADS security conference, program committee member for the USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technology (WOOT) and COUNTERMEASURE, and a moderator of Reddit Netsec, the largest security forum on the internet.

Email: dan[at]trailofbits[dot]com

Nasir Memon

Nasir Memon heads the CSE department and the ISIS lab at NYU's Polytechnic Engineering School. His research and teaching focus on security and authentication. A big Star Wars fan, Nasir can generally be found in a meeting.

Email: memon[at]nyu[dot]edu

Tehila Minkus

Tehila is a PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering. She researches online privacy and social networks, and she is excited to promote women in computing.

Email: tehila[at]nyu[dot]edu

Linda Sellie

Linda never grew up. She keeps showing up and going to school. Nowadays she hangs out in the front of the classroom. Look for her in LC400.

Email: lms578[at]nyu[dot]edu

Thomas Sellie-Lund

Thomas is a junior at WPI in Massachusetts, and has knowledge of many computer related things. Hobbies include scrounging together enough time to play video-games and read the internet. Status is and has been for the past 20 years "In Game: Real Life, The MMO(http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealLife)" May or may not actually be a ELDER BEING. Favorite Quote: "ALZUM ZXULATH XNMAC."


Emily Wicki

Emily Wicki is an undergraduate studying computer science at New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering. Her main interest is in cyber forensics which started in high school when she participated in, and won, NYU Polytechnic’s CSAW High School Forensics Challenge. At NYU Polytechnic, she is a student worker in the Information Systems and Internet Security Laboratory (ISIS Lab) as well as a member of their CTF team, Brooklynt Overflow. As a member of the lab and team, Emily’s current projects focus on threat intelligence and on creating tools for beginners in cyber security.

Email: ewicki[at]nyu[dot]edu

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